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What do you do in your workouts?
Everything that matters, nothing that doesn’t. Each workout is complete. Each session will move your strength, stamina, mobility, and movement needle. You will workout sometimes solo, sometimes as a team with the Coach. Workouts vary based on the day, the training cycle, and who is in the room. We crawl, throw, lift, run, jump, roll, balance, climb, squat, swing, punch, kick and more. We cycle workouts, and balance exercise patterns so that you can bring “the heat”, feel and see real change in body and ability, and do it all without breaking down.

How much is training?
Group=yoga class; Small Group= small group training; Private=personal training. See a pricing overview here and then email us for details about the current starter packages.

Should I do Group, Small Group, or Private Training?
Depends on your preference, goals, and ability. Some people prefer a mix of session types. Others start with more guidance and then move to less guidance once they’ve amped up their ability. Some stick with the place they like best.

Group: Up to 15 people.

  • Active: run/bike/multi-sports, vigorous classes, weight lifting, climbing, ski/snowboard, dance, martial arts, team sports
  • No serious injuries or current physical constraints (recent surgery, etc.)
  • Perform most movements without pain or fear of it
  • Are able to learn and perform movement well without a lot of hands-on supervision or modification
  • Comfortable in a group dynamic with varying levels of ability
  • Who are you: Most are 25-50 and might want to see some changes, but already live an active lifestyle
  • Able to: do pushups (on your knees or feet), lunge across a room and jump without pain, hang from your hands, and don’t cringe at the word “kettlebell”.

Small Group: 1-6 people.

  • Been inactive for a while
  • Mostly pain free, but lack of strength, stamina, power and movement confidence
  • Have a lot of changes to make (strength and movement, weight loss, etc.)
  • Have past mileage/injuries that you are concerned about aggravating
  • Like appreciate team motivation and accountability, but want more hands-on attention and modification
  • Who are you: Have been inactive for a long time, want/need more personal attention and adjustment, have mileage issues you are concerned about, want to make sure you are working at your pace
  • Able to: plank on your hands, squat down to a 12″ box and stand up without your hands, get down on the floor and get back up.

One Coach and one member (or 2).

  • Want individualized food & lifestyle coaching
  • Want a personalized path
  • Want to support a specific goal or sporting event
  • Want some help to support you group training
  • Recently finished PT, recovering from injuries or physical roadblocks (recent surgery, etc.)

***If you aren’t sure where you fit, email us a little bit about you and your goals and we’ll schedule a free consult.***

What should I wear and bring?
Workout clothes, mat, towel, and water bottle. Loose fitting clothes are best, many wear long shorts or yoga/climbing pants. Indoor shoes or willingness to go barefoot. A yoga mat and a water bottle are always useful. If you sweat a lot, bring a towel.

How many times a week should I come?
Our path is 3x week. This is where real transformation in your body and ability happens. Our most amazing member stories are written on ~ 3x week.

Do I have to go barefoot?
Nope. Many of us do, but you do not have to workout barefoot. Some don’t want to have foot issues (though many issues are magically solved with deep strength and mobility). For those folks, bring dedicated indoor shoes.

The modern body’s feet are weak and asleep. This weakness and numbness leads to many issues further up the kinetic chain. Do your feet, ankles, knees, or hips hurt frequently? Are you prone to plantar fasciitis, turned ankles, knee pain, other lower body injuries? Is your standing balance miserable? Wake your feet up and strengthen them. The best way to do it is simple: give them an opportunity to do their thing au naturel  in a safe, controlled place. Many have stepped out of shoes and discovered their feet can help do and feel things they’ve never felt before!

If you are interested in learning how to transition to minimalist footwear the right way, contact us.

Who trains at Gymnasium?

I hate going to the gym. I love coming to Gymnasium.” — Sharon

Our members are here for many reasons: hate the gym thing, sick of the downward slide, like the philosophy and methodology, like the people, just want someone to tell them what to do (and trust it), want to learn to do cool things, don’t like wasting time and energy, have big goals to accomplish and want guidance, want to train more effectively, passionate about a sustainable movement path and want a like-minded tribe. Etc.

Most folks are 30-50. 55% women and 45% men. Many are very active and athletic outside our path. Some only move with us. Most live lives that demand energy, and have little extra time to while away on fruitless exercise errands. Enter Gymnasium!

We also pride ourselves on delivering scalability and universality. We’ve helped countless people who’ve been injured at other programs, work up to and through that injury. In any given session, you will see a wide array of abilities and people, each getting the work their body needs for where they are on their path, or just that day. We help each other defeat our mind demons and physical hang ups.

Read some testimonials here!

Are you good cross training for running, biking, or swimming?
Yep. What we do is uniquely well-suited to build not just the strength and stamina to help you run, bike, swim, faster, longer and better, but we’ll also help you build the range of strength, efficiency and resilience so that your demanding sport doesn’t pound bad mileage into your body. We’ll make you feel and move better, stronger, longer in your endurance sport. Many of our members have had PRs, or finished races, erased injuries, and accomplished goals they never would have thought possible while wearing their sport-specialized training blinders. We believe strongly that bodies need more than endurance miles to stay on the road for the long road. Good news, too: Strength & Movement doesn’t take nearly as much time as triathlon training takes!

Are you good cross training for …?
Yep. We’ve had members tell us that they feel more alive, present, and able in their running, dance, power lifting, martial arts, basketballing, skiing, softballing, yogaing, running, childbirthing, shoveling, every-daying.

We train the fundamental, underlying patterns of Strength & Movement. We practice completeness and are rewarded with ability across movement contexts. We build Deep Fitness and will make you stronger, more powerful, have have more stamina for everyday awesome and ready for any adventure you wish to take on.

Are you a kettlebell studio?
Yep. We use kettlebells (the tool) for a variety of things and teach Kettlebell Lifting (the discipline), but they are just components of our training. We also use bodyweight, other weights, medicine balls, boxes, ropes, rings, bars, sandbags, mats, blocks, lumber, swinging clubs, dodge balls, kick pads, tires, and more. Outside we use fences, stairs, boulders, benches, trees, fields, hills, curbs, rocks, logs, and whatever is put in front of us.

That said, we use KB to teach you to move loads. We’ve developed our own unique system and curriculum for KB lifting. If you really want to learn KB Sport, come to our GKC Kettlebell Club. We have internationally ranked athletes and Coaches in the sport and discipline of Kettlebell Lifting. Learning the lifts will make you a better athlete, a better mover…heck, a better person!

Hot tip: If any of the following are part of your kettlebell experience, you probably haven’t actually experienced Kettlebell:

  • if your kettlebell is measured in lbs,
  • if your swing gives you an awesome shoulder and quad burn,
  • if kettlebell hurts your back,
  • if your kettlebell instructor can’t tell you her ranking (or doesn’t know they exist),
  • if your kettlebell is done with a lot of red-faced strain and grunting,
  • if your kettlebell is all about how much intensity and tension you can shove from your body
  • if your kettlebell experience was with 30 people flailing along with a group instructor who also does the barre and cardio kickboxing class.

If you are looking for somewhere with a kettlebell, they are easy to find. Kettlebell Lifting? Well, just because you have a yoga mat doesn’t mean that you are doing Yoga!

This is the discipline of Kettlebell Lifting

This is using kettlebells to load strength patterns

This is yet another trainer doing something with a kettlebell

I won’t get bulky, right?
Nope. All of our workouts will make your body naturally strong and able, and that means naturally lean and mean. That is: less fat and more muscle mass on men; and less fat and lean, toned muscles on women. You won’t get bulky.

We are also not a powerlifting or bodybuilding space which are the gold standards for packing on mass-based strength. We respect bodybuilding and powerlifting. But our path builds lean strength and movement patterns, not bigger muscles. Even so, we’ve actually helped many heavy lifters lift more weight, or remove the mileage from that path, through better movement mechanics.

And and another thing. Are you a woman? We strongly believe that modern feminism should step in and confront the pervasively negative tactics of women’s health and fitness marketing. If we lift kids, pets, briefcases, suitcases, snow, dirt, stones, grocery bags, kayaks, canoes, beach gear, camping gear, logs, and furniture, why would we only ever pick up a 3lbs dumbbell for a workout (or never one at all)? Why do we have that deep-seated fear of getting “bulky” from natural movement of lifting something off the ground? Here’s an idea

In summary, Gymnasium = naturally, lean, toned muscles for men and women. More importantly, Gymnasium = awe-inspiring, universal athletic ability and a bulletproof body for humans.

 When is the cardio class?
Every session. There is growing awareness that “cardio” can be trained without spinning your wheels in place or slogging it out along the sidewalk, but a lot of people still haven’t experienced it. All of our workouts have cardio; we’ll have you breathing harder than a rat on wheel! We prefer to call it by the physical ability you are building: Stamina/Endurance (“cardio” is a physiological response, not a quality of ability).

And done right, real movement can deliver far more results per breath than any cardio-only program could. We’ve helped too many members actually achieve the results their 5xweek cardio-blasts couldn’t. A recent ACE study looked at a particular kettlebell swing workout and found that the only thing that could approximate its cardio intensity was “cross country skiing, uphill“. And try rope jumping, or running with a sand bag, or whole-body intervals. Oh yeah, we got your cardio, mister/sister!

What’s more important is that you realize there is an intensity continuum, and a complete path will engage all points along it.

When is your ab toning and bun lifting class?
Everyday. Are you looking for the best toning and sculpting class ever? Here you go. We are it, hands down (on the ground and start crawling). Ever stop to think why people use words like “tone” and “sculpt” and “lift”?

How can I change my (insert undesirable body part here) as fast as possible?
Do what we do. Spot reducing is a persistent myth because it’s useful for selling 90-day magic bullets, future landfill, and DVDs. Movement will change your whole body and mind. Heck, it’ll change your chemistry, right down to DNA expression. If you ask this question in person, we’ll politely reassure you that your trouble spots will be melted away, but know you’re reinforcing the sigh and eye-roll reflex this question has created among many thinking movement coaches and trainers.

What’s the best exercise for my core?
Everything we do. Your abs, your core, your center, your axis, your dantien, your 3rd chakra, your whatever-you-call it is truly at the center of nearly every movement we perform. If you do what we do, roll how we roll, your “core” will be engaged as it’s meant: as the epicenter of movement. One of our mantras is “move from your center”.

In addition, some of the crawling, folding, bridging, planking, tucking, hanging, and rolling we do has elements of what’s typically called ab/core work. If we have to show you our bellies to prove that not “doing abs” is an effective means of 6-pack training, we will (then you have to show us yours so we can see how effective your method is).

This gist of this answer also applies to the “What’s the exercise best for…” any other body part, too.

What’s the Fountain of Youth?

Butt strength! Sadly, there is no fountain of youth, but gladly there are two Mountains of Youth: your glutes. There’s a reason that humans can universally recognize a good butt. The glutes are the biggest, strongest, most useful muscles in the body. They are your true core, your nexus for moving through life.

Back hurts? Glutes. Knees hurt? Glutes. Posture sucks? Glutes. Balance wobbly? Glutes. Move slow? Glutes. Can’t lift the loads of life? Glutes. Wondering why your yoga, skiing, biking, running, and sports aren’t feeling like they used to? Glutes. Hate the way your jeans fit? Glutes! If you build your butt with natural movement patterns, your entire body not just look younger, it will be younger. And you will look amazing in clothes or out of them.

Are you like Yoga?
Yes and no. We do a lot of bodyweight movements that echo modern yogic approaches. But movement done right brings more awareness to and connection between your body and mind, whether you moving a weight, or moving on a mat. In a sense, everything we do is totally Yoga. Many yogis immediately “get” our workouts. Many of our members and coaches have some or much yoga in their life. And if you are looking for a yogic class for active recovery or a weekly re-centering, we do that.

This is our Yoga, our Kung Fu, our Path.

Are you like CrossFit?
Yes and no. We are just at ease speaking performance training as we are with yogis! We lift weights and medballs and our bodies; we use intensity; we value universal physical ability; we do things that will get you kicked the heck out of most gyms. But we don’t practice fitness as a competitive sport, don’t say “performance” as a synonym for fitness, or believe that all movements or workouts should be practiced at one note of intensity. We also avoid some exercises found in the CF curriculum because they don’t meet our requirement for having the right athletic/therapeutic balance.

We are also fans of many coaches who used to or still do associate with CrossFit. We think CrossFit has done much to promote intensity and real movement to modern fitness culture. Most of our Coaches have done some or much CrossFit (and even attended their weekend certifications). Many of our members are former CrossFit members. But ultimately we all sought a different answer to the Strength & Movement question. 

What diet do you recommend? 
A food-based one

We are omnivores, pescatarians, flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, localvores, cavemen, Mediterraneans, anti-inflammatory and many of us even find a way to eat without identifying with a particular label (it’s possible!). We recommend learning principles of good food and then learning to build them into patterns that fit your life and body. We also help folks do this.

Our wildly successful Clean Eating program is part of every start up. If you want more guidance and coaching, we do that too. Contact us for more info.