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miss you already!

I punched a server in the face and I was wrong

Earlier this week I attended a beautiful send off for one of our Small Group members, Pat. Some of her regular session teammates thoughtfully organized some drinks, laughs, and frankly the best time we’ve all had out in a while. This is what all gyms do when a member leaves, right? We were hands down […]

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How to hold your sh*t together

It’s tough to tell people that their well-intentioned fitness efforts are missing the point. “But I stay active! I do this, and that, and that too.” I know! And that’s awesome. It’s infinitely better than sitting on your butt, reading blogs about fitness. But… Have you heard of sarcopenia? It’s the age-related loss of strength. […]

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An Inspiring Field of Competitors? Heck Yes.

2014 Winter Olympiad Results!

The first Gymnasium Winter Olympiad was an incredible day in every way. There is something uniquely inspiring about cheering for someone while they try to do their absolute best. We watched a lot of participants surprise themselves and joined all of the spectators in being blown away by the display of Everyday Awesome. Our approach […]

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Full Squat!

What are the Two Best Exercises of All Time & Space?

Easy: The Two that Best Build Your Fountain Mountains of Youth. Sadly, there is no fountain of youth, but gladly there are two mountains of youth: your glutes. There’s a reason that humans can universally recognize a good butt. The glutes are the biggest, strongest, most useful muscles in the body. They are your true core, your […]

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MB toss

Against Work, Kids, Weight Gain and Back Pain, Husband and Wife Rebuild Their Fitness Life!

Living a few blocks away, we’ve been curious about Gymnasium for a while now. We finally got the nerve to visit this summer when we found ourselves needing to add new fitness routine to our lives. With full-time jobs and children, it can be very difficult to find time for exercise. We constantly put ourselves […]

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Baruch gets strong!

Baruch Gets Stronger & Becomes a Better Dancer!

I just wanted to say thank you. I didn’t start working out at Gymnasium with my wedding in mind. It was part of a summer commitment to stop being so sedentary, to get moving and get healthy. But it’s had such a profound impact and it all showed at the wedding. I’ve been more confident. […]

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The 5 Core Tenants of Strength & Movement

(An except from the new Coaching manual.) There are a few fundamental things that research, discipline curation, and deep experience have uncovered. They are so important they need no further introduction. These are the 5 core tenants of Strength & Movement. 1.  Fountain Mountains of Youth. Sadly, there is no fountain of youth, but gladly […]

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Taylor and keith sharing some KB swings

Feb 8th: Winter Olympiad at Gymnasium!

Much of what gets done in the name of high-level fitness is highly specialized. Think: triathlon or lifting a lot of weight. The bad news, news that athletes and fitness adepts seldom fully grasp, is that specialization is the way of injury and mileage. Enemies # 2 & 1 of long road fitness, the only […]

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Why Kettlebell, Why Kettlebell Sport, Why OKC

This is a post in 3 parts. Each one builds–ever so logically–on the last! See: Part 1: Why kettlebells! Part 2: If kettlebells, then Kettlebell Sport! Part 3: If Kettlebell Sport, then Orange Kettlebell Club! 1. Why: Kettlebells Parts of this article has been written by many over the last 15 years as kettlebells have […]

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We’re Lifting KBs for Cancer Research

The one hour long cycle is here! Awesome. Um, what is it? We’ll, it’s a worldwide charity event to raise money (and kettlebells) for cancer research and it starts on 10/19 at 1pm. We’ll teach basic clean and jerk technique, establish relay teams, and get the spirit flowing at 1pm. Then from 2:00-3:00, we’re joining […]

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Dr. James goes from hospital trauma ward to the strongest, fastest Nordic ski season ever

I am a 55-year-old physician who enjoys Nordic and downhill telemark skiing, mountain hiking, jogging, sea kayaking, golf and mountain and road biking. In July 2013, I crashed while mountain biking and broke several thoracic vertebrae, a lot of ribs, my sternum and my helmet. That hurt! After 2 months of bed rest while the […]

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9 Week Clean Eating Challenge

Should you choose to undertake the challenge, we’ll provide you with an in-depth, comprehensive program to help you navigate through the 9 Weeks, but here’s the sneak peek: Overview Like exercise programs, every diet can “do something” for a little while. There’s a reason for this. Food is the most powerful and immediate means to change […]

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