Spring Clean Eating Challenge

Could your body use a spring cleaning? Need a restart to the food side of the fitness equation? Join us for a Spring Clean Eating Challenge!

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More Sessions & Spring Clean Eating 6-Week

We’re expanding the schedule even more. Over the Cycle 3, you’ll see more Strength, Power, Stamina and Playdays on the schedule. There are already more Saturday and Sunday sessions. Now, there will be more Tuesday / Thursday AM, lunchtime, and PM sessions, too. This Spring our very own glamazon Asst. Head Coach Deanna (who just […]

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Where’s Your Head At? Different Goals, Different Mindsets

There are three goals for most movement paths: Aesthetic, Athletic, and Therapeutic. Whether your goals are focused on one or a blend, you have to keep your head in check. Of all the obstacles in life, none are more challenging or ever present than our own head devils. Here are some tactics for staying on […]

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Mountains of Youth Workshop

How to Build Your Mountains of Youth — Workshop

There’s no fountain of youth. But there are two mountains of youth — your glutes! This workshop will teach you everything you need to know. January 10th from 4pm to 5:30pm. Best of all: friends of members can come for the member price ($10 vs $20)! Reserve your spot here. The glutes are the biggest, […]

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How I Battle the Skinny Demon, by Deanna D’Amore

I’m the heaviest weight I have ever been. But I’m not going to do anything about it. Maybe it comes with maturity, maybe it’s exhaustion of trying to squeeze into a version of myself that’s not actually me, cuz I’ve been there too. Many people might look at me and say I’m in great shape […]

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9 Week Clean Eating Challenge

Should you choose to undertake the challenge, we’ll provide you with an in-depth, comprehensive program to help you navigate through the 9 Weeks, but here’s the sneak peek: Overview Like exercise programs, every diet can “do something” for a little while. There’s a reason for this. Food is the most powerful and immediate means to change […]

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Alison’s Awesome 60 Day Challenge

When I joined Gymnasium… …I had started working as an organic farmer again, I had just been through a rough breakup, I was 20 pounds heavier after a winter bakery job, and I had gotten into the habit of drinking every day after work. I didn’t feel good at all and I knew it was […]

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Eat Less Meat

If you’ve ever looked at Gymnasium’s Philosophy page, you’ll notice that one of our tenets of physical health is to eat less meat. The American diet is heaping with meat, to the omnipresent point that even the omnivores among us have a hard time appreciating it. It’s just in everything. Just by reducing our intake […]

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Eat Late, Gain Weight

Your body runs on routine, whether your daily schedule is clockwork (can anyone do this anymore?) or erratic, your body is constantly trying to maintain consistency. This is just how it operates. And is why Gymnasium’s approach includes placing simple, consistent anchors for intake (food) and output (movement) into your erratic schedule. Recent studies show […]

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Dieting: Doesn’t work and it hurts your body

A diet post as promised! It pains us to know that diets and dieting are still a major business. It’s one of the many reasons that inspires Gymnasium Blog to seek fresh air on such topics, and why we continue stick to our food guns: (From Gymnasium’s Philosophy) Eat real food, and not too much […]

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“It’s in my genes” has never been a good excuse…

…and a barrage of new studies keeps confirming it. Nature vs nurture? The argument is over. For just about everything, it’s nature AND nurture. Better still, many studies show that you can nurture your nature. What you do affects who you are, physically and mentally–right down to your genes. Learn how it’s even true for […]

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Surprise: Food Beats Supplements!

Article is a little heavy on the science jargon, but that’s not all bad given the magnificent lack of science to support the hype in the vitamin and supplement aisles and stores–especially as they seeps out into our drinks and smoothies and packaged food. We’re sticking to our approach: eat real food, and not too […]

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