Corey Padnos visits Gymnasium on his Kettlebell Quest

Gymnasium recently had the honor of hosting a competitive Kettlebell Lifter: Corey Padnos of the Orange Kettlebell Club!

Corey was first introduced to kettlebells in Hong Kong and he has dedicated himself to becoming a successful competitor in the sport of Kettlebell Lifting (many folks know the kettlebell as a funky fitness tool, but few realize that it’s actually an organized global sport, much like Olympic Lifting). Corey is en route to his next competition that his club is hosting: the California Open Kettlebell Championships.

He was looking for a place to train while visiting Boston before his next competition and he found us. Gymnasium was honored to help him on his continuing quest! Over his visit we found that we shared a lot of similar perspectives on movement and training. We particularly like his take on our workouts: “An exploration of movement and a development of skill to enhance the human experience.” And he wrote us a really nice thank you upon his return to California:

There’s nothing worse than having to travel during your training–especially if it’s three weeks before an athletic event.  Yeah, that happened to me.

I’m an internationally ranked Kettlebell Sport athlete who has assisted for The Orange Kettlebell Club Japan Certification and currently coaches workshops and clients on lifting mechanics, mobility, and sports vision techniques.  My dilemma: I needed to go to Massachusetts near the end of my training for a major lifting championship for an entire week.  I called all around the Newton, Waltham, Cambridge, and Boston areas and couldn’t find what I was looking for in the proximity.  I probably called and Googled over a dozen Kettlebell studios.  However, the competitive style of lifting that I practice requires a certain kind of Kettlebell that nobody in the area had, let alone the heavier competition grade weight that I use. It was like calling someone speaking the same language as you, but using a different dialect.

Enter Gymnasium.  The studio had everything I needed.  It was close, it had the competition grade equipment that I needed, and–best of all–housed some of the warmest people you could meet in 10F degree weather.  Josh, the owner, warmly welcomed me into his studio for a week and even took me to lunch to ask about my competitive endeavors.  In fact, one of the other coaches–Ken–even gave me a ride home one day to save me the bus fare!  What a nice group of people!

Gymnasium has the most unique atmosphere of any gym I’ve ever encountered:  It’s a wonderfully eclectic mixture of all my favorite caveman-style training equipment in a Zen-like atmosphere out of a Kung Fu goon (school).  No sight of “gym bros” to be found nor “my-or-the-highway” trainers around here.  The classes that I observed in the corner of my eye during my lifting practice exemplify what training should be:  An exploration of movement and a development of skill to enhance the human experience.

Josh and Gymnasium team, keep it up.  It was a pleasure to spread my passion for Kettlebell lifting to you and I appreciate the hospitality during my week of training.  You guys rock!

To everyone else, this is a truly special space.  I wish they had one of these in my neighborhood.

He represents the Orange Kettlebell Club as a Coach and Team Athlete, and he holds certifications with Z-Health (Level III), NASM (CPT), and Training for Warriors (Level 1).

You can follow his Competition and Quest on Facebook: Kettle Guy

If you are interested in getting online video & chat coaching for your competitive lifting technique, contact us for his info.