Learn the Kettlebell Long Cycle (Clean + Jerk) with Corey “Kettle Guy” Padnos!

Learn the Long Cycle with Corey “Kettle Guy” Padnos! The Long Cycle is a complete lift incorporating both a whole body pull and a whole body push, akin to the clean and jerk of Olympic lifting.

The lift is one of the fundamental exercises of many training curricula  including Gymnasium’s. Own this combination lift and you’ll be well on your way to being an adept Kettlebell lifter, and a tremendous natural athlete (they go hand-in-hand…).

Need more reasons:

  • The lifts engage and strengthen natural patterns through multiple planes of movement
  • Great for training incredible natural athletic ability without racking up injury and mileage
  • The perfect choice for endurance athletes and weekend warriors who want to train cardio, strength, and power–together
  • Learn how to generate explosive power, while also building rock-solid shoulder stability
  • Promotes both flexibility, proper body alignment (aka “bone stacking”), and movement sequencing for neuromuscular efficiency
  • Learn to use your breath for maximum power and efficiency
  • Great substitute or complement for Olympic lifting with bars

This workshop will cover each component of the lift in detail:

  1. Swing (the more advanced and nuanced competitive swing, not the fitness swing)
  2. Clean
  3. Jerk
  4. Clean + Jerk, aka Long Cycle

Please warm-up accordingly before the seminar begins!

March 16th, 12:00PM-2:30PM

Cost $30 per person.

This workshop will be presented by Corey “Kettle Guy” Padnos. Corey is an internationally ranked Kettlebell Long Cycle athlete who has trained and competed all over the world: USA, Israel, Hong Kong, and Japan. Corey is also:

  • An Orange Kettlebell Club Team Athlete and Coach
  • Winner, best Overall Lifter 16kg Long Cycle IKSFA Hong Kong Kettlebell Championship 2012
  • Winner, Long Cycle 82kg Category, 24kg Long Cycle at California Open Championship
  • A Multiple-World Record Holder in One Hour Long Cycle
  • A Kettlebell Sport athlete who has trained under some of the best athletes in the world including Jason Dolby, Denis Vasilev, Sergey Rudnev, and John Wild Buckley

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