March 9th, Free Event: “Performance vs longevity: You Don’t Have to Choose”

Free Massage and Gymnasium March 9th

East West at work earning new fans at our last open house!

Where: Gymnasium
1001 Watertown St., Rear (We share the huge parking lot with CVS)
West Newton, MA 02465

When: March 9, 2013, 12:00-5:30pm
RSVP: By March 2 please, to

Free sports and therapeutic massages from East West Massage Newton throughout the afternoon.

Come ready to move. First time at G? Bring indoor shoes (or barefeet/socks), a mat, and a water bottle! See below for the interactive presentation schedule:

1:00p-1:50p. Active Isolated Stretching: Stretch For Mobility, Resilience, Recovery and Performance

with Peter Benjamin LMT, CPT, AIST 

Learn how this one advanced stretching technique can help you…

  • Improve athletic performance
  • Heal from injuries more quickly than ever
  • Reprogram your brain and your body to remember new ranges of motion
  • Improve your performance exponentially

The Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Technique is ideal for athletes who are aging or dealing with injuries.


2:00p-2:50p. Twice The Results In Half The Time: Build Power, Strength AND Resilience With Kettlebells

with Josh Conway, CPT, WKC Coach, & Founder, Gymnasium

Most athletes face increased risk of injuries and grim prospects as they age as a result of demanding training regimes.

Kettlebell training, done properly, integrates strength, power and flexibility with your body’s natural movements. Learn how to increase performance AND resilience simultaneously, and be better, faster, and stronger – for longer.


3:00p-3:50p. Chiropractic And Sports Medicine: Are Your Fitness And Health Aligned?

with Dr. Karson Mui, DC

Active lifestyles rely on a strong, healthy core and spine. Learn how chiropractic and sports medicine techniques can improve your performance, range of motion and posture.

In this hands on session, Dr. Mui covers techniques including Graston, FAKTR, vibration plate therapy, flexion distraction and kinesio taping.


4:00p-5:15p. How Your Fitness Is Hurting You And What To Do About It

with Josh Conway, CPT, WKC Coach, & Founder, Gymnasium

It’s no surprise that many programs and training approaches produce as much injury as they do fitness and health. Even holistic approaches such as yoga can result in overuse and hyperextension injuries.

The solution is simple: We need to exercise in ways that mimic and enhance the body’s natural movements and functions.

Whether you’re a fitness instructor, regular gym-goer or casual walker, these 10 essential movements and strength patterns will get you to peak health and keep you there.